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Are rental machines available?
Yes.  We rent dry ice blasting equipment and provide training.




Single Hose Dry Ice Blasting Machine

phx-150 dry ice blaster - dry ice cleaning system

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C&D 200/400

Air Treatment System

Air Cooler/Dryer Treatment System

c&d 200 / 400 air treatment system




Cool Blast SystemsTM

Turnkey Dry Ice Blasting System


5x8 Trailer

cool blast systems turnkey dry ice blasting  system


Cool Blast Systems Featuring the PHX-150

cool blast systems - phx-150 dry ice blaster

PHX-150 Nozzles

cool blast systems - phx-150 nozzles








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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Sales


Blasting Systems:

Cool Blast Equipment Company, Inc., is proud to offer Phoenix Unlimited LLC Dry Ice Cleaning Systems for sale.  We are a stocking Distributor and fully support all systems sold.  Our South Carolina Regional Service Center is stocked with blasters, nozzles, hoses, spare parts and many years of knowledge and experience.  We can also service many older Alpheus model blasters

Currently Phoenix manufactures two models:

the PHX-150 and the PHX-200


The PHX-150 is the standard model capable of blasting up to  125 psi.  We have found this blaster to be extremely aggressive on most contaminants at 90-100 psi, while also being very easy to use and easy to maintain and service.

The PHX-200 is a high pressure model capable of blast pressures up to 250 psi.  Heavier contaminants, lead paint and weld slag are some typical blast applications.

Air Treatment Systems:

Cool Blast Equipment Company, Inc. manufactures air treatment systems for use with dry ice blasters, sand blasters, soda blasters, etc.  We developed a very reliable, portable system after years in the field using rental diesel air compressors and trying various aftercooler / dryer units from other manufacturers.


Currently we produce two models:

the C&D 200 and the C&D 450


Our Cool & Dry 200 model is perfect for single blaster applications driven by a standard 185 diesel compressor.  It is entirely pneumatic, requiring no electricity and is extremely portable and lightweight.


Our larger model, the Cool & Dry 450 is used for applications requiring higher air volume, and larger compressors.  Teamed with a 375 diesel compressor, this model will cool and dry air for two blasters running simultaneously, or one blaster running at higher pressure, or at greater distance.  Like the C&D 200, it is all pneumatic and very portable.


Cool Blast SystemsTM

Some of our larger customers have the need for a turnkey dry ice blasting setup, which is also mobile.  To meet this need, we developed Cool Blast SystemsTMMulti-plant transport, or just a very large facility requiring many departments to blast areas on rotation, can cause frustration for users when hoses, nozzles, wrenches and protective gear are misplaced.  Our total package Cool Blast SystemTM eliminates this problem by providing everything you need in one self contained locker on wheels. And it is road worthy for interstate travel or just around the block. Standard package includes: PHX-150, all available nozzles, with case, C&D 200, Goodyear air supply hoses, wrenches and other tools in toolbox, 2 full face respirators, gloves, earplugs, earmuffs and a 5 X 8 trailer with ramp door and hose racks.  The trailer is small enough to keep inside the facility, but large enough to keep all the equipment and supplies contained in one organized space locked up tight.  Other custom designs are also available.  Call us to design a custom package for you.


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