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What is the environmental impact of using CO2 or dry ice as a blasting media?
ewer V.O.C. emissions, less hazards to employees and less waste disposal...


The Ritz Carlton:

The Ritz Carlton Golf Clubhouse job required the removal of heavy soot from galvanized sheet metal and steel I-beams.

This was a large project that included 4 dry ice blasting machines running for 4 days to complete the job!  


Whether your job is large or small, we here at Cool Blast are ready to show you how dry ice blast cleaning can save you time and money.

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Dry Ice Blasting Application Videos

Below is a sampling of some of the dry ice blasting and cleaning applications we have done.

As always, please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions about a particular cleaning problem or application.

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Videos are in .wmv format (windows media)

dry ice blasting - ritz carltonFire Restoration on steel beams -  Golf Clubhouse at the Ritz Carlton


dry ice blast cleaning windings on generatorCleaning Generator Stator Windings - 22 Megawatt hydro generation


plastic removal with dry ice blasting - confined entryHeavy Plastic Removal/Confined Space Entry - 4,000 gal mixing tank


dry ice blasting of printing equipmentDried-on Ink Removal - Printing Equipment



bottle label machine - dry ice blast cleaningBottle Labeling Machine - General Maintenance



residential brick building soot removal with dry ice blastingSoot Removal From Brick - Residential



industrial fire restoration with dry ice blastingFire Restoration - Commerical



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