ICEsonic has developed dry ice blasting equipment that offers a unique and cost effective solution to dry ice blasting technology.

Smart dry ice blaster from Cool Blast & Icesonic

Featuring the SMART line of dry ice blasters

icesonic smart dry ice blaster
icesonic dry ice blaster
icesonic dry ice cleaning
Icesonic smart professional dry ice blaster
icesonic dry ice blast cleaner
dry ice blasting from icesonic

Equipment includes the SMART Professional, SMART HD, and SMART Industrial dry ice blasters.

The ICEsonic SMART LINE design benefits from the experience gained by continuous development and offers improved utility, greater resistance, higher efficiency and easier handling. The units are made from all stainless steel construction and superior components to insure many years of trouble-free operation.

Please contact us for the details on purchasing or renting one of the many products from the ICEsonic line.

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