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Dry ice blasting is much like pressure washing, or sandblasting, since there is a media being moved at high speed, under pressure, to clean a specific target surface.

But this is where the similarities end.

Dry ice is dry cleaning process, so there is no danger of short circuiting electrical equipment or rusting bearings. It is non-conductive, so it can even be used on energized circuits.  Dry ice media is non-abrasive, so it will not damage most surfaces.

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dry ice blasting

The ultimate non-destructive cleaning process.
Cleaning with dry ice allows for a superior clean, without damage.

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Dry ice Blast Cleaning Services

Our cleaning trucks and trailers are set up to handle just about any size cleaning job. We have various types of dry ice blasting equipment allowing us to clean almost any application you may have. Addtionally we have containment building materials, supplied air respirator systems, HEPA filtered high velocity air movers, negative air machines, required safety gear/P.P.E., and up to 5 tons of dry ice. 
Cool Blast Equipment Company has the experience and expertise to professionally take care of your dry ice cleaning needs.

Dry Ice Cleaning and Recoating

Cool Blast Equipment Company offers full serivce blasting, cleaning, and recoating.
The pictures below are of a piece of equipment from a bearing manufacturing plant in South Carolina.  This equipment was in their heat treating department -  it was blast cleaned with dry ice and painted in a single day.

Before Dry Ice Blasting
After Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice Blasting equipment sales

Cool Blast Equipment Company is pleased to offer both ICEsonic and Phoenix Unlimited dry ice blast cleaning equipment.

These complimentary equipment lines allow for the widest range of applications for dry ice blasting and cleaning.

Click on the picture links to see more information about these two manufacturers.

Phoenix Dry Ice Blasting Equipment
ICEsonic dry ice blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Equipment Rentals

If you are considering renting a dry ice blasting system, please allow us to assist you in finding a one that is right for your job. Our highly trained sales staff will help evaluate your application and need and match you with the right dry ice blasting machine.

Cool Blast Equipment Company offers dry ice blasting equipment for those critical cleaning jobs that only take a day, hour, week or months. Call us today for your rental needs. 

dry ice blasting rental machines

dry ice blasting environmental

Dry ice is made from recycled CO2, thus giving it a second useful life and has a net zero effect on the atmosphere. It is truly the most environmental friendly cleaning process available today!

Dry Ice Blasting and The Environment

Dry ice blasting greatly reduces, or eliminates the need for caustics, solvents and other chemicals normally used for industrial cleaning.
This means fewer V.O.C. emissions, less hazards to employees and less waste disposal, resulting in a positive effect on our environment.
Most contaminants removed with dry ice blasting can simply be swept up and disposed of in a dumpster since there is no added waste from the blast (CO2) media.
This can mean huge cost savings also, for the typical customer. When CO2 blasting is utilized in the restoration marketplace, the environmental impact is likewise minimal.
Blasting fire soot and smoke from apartment buildings, commercial buildings and residential homes leaves no residue whatsoever, unlike the results obtained from sand, soda and other blasting media.
Mold remediation with CO2 blasting is also much less intrusive on the environment, in the same regard, and the mold spores are easily captured in HEPA filters, while the blasting is in progress.

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